Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Albums to Listen to Before you Die

By Beth Aveyard
I started to write this based on my own opinions, but instead of boring you with my own opinions, I decided to instead to employ the help of my friends and family- all who have widely different music tastes- and get their thoughts and feels on their favourite albums. Here is my compiled list of Albums to Listen to Before you Die.

Confessions of an Aspiring Author #2

By Abbie Grice
The ‘Anyone’ Myth 

What’s the most annoying thing someone has asked you when you’ve told them what your dream job is? When I told a friend, who I’m not going to name and shame because I’m not as cruel and cold-hearted as she was, that I wanted to be an author, she laughed and said: “Oh, please, how hard is it to write a book? Anyone can write a book!” 

Book Reviews II

The Ghosts of Heaven by Marcus Sedgwick

“Discover the path to infinity”

Review by Fiona Newcombe

Interview with the Wise(er)

By Beth Aveyard
As the second year of college is ever looming for most of us AS students, it can get a little daunting since, apparently next year is when our ‘adult’ lives are supposed to begin. Here, I took it upon myself to ask a wise A2 student about what next year will bring, and how awfully hard it will be. If not just for me, I hope that some of these questions maybe make next year seem a little bit more approachable. 

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Life In Stereo

Oh, we’ve had some fun times you and me… Do you remember? How we met? Ah, cliché to say but it felt like it was yesterday… You flung your arms wide and wrapped them around me, holding me tight in that sweet welcoming embrace.

Is Work Experience Worth It?

For someone who hasn’t done work experience in college yet, I’m constantly asking myself this question. I’m going to honest and say that I don’t really know what I’m going to when I ‘grow-up’ – for want of a better term – so when we were told that we had the opportunity to do work experience at the end of the college year, my mind kind of went blank.